The Triduum Retreat Begins With Holy Thursday Dinner

McAuley Dining Room and Lyons Chapel

Although the apostles were told of the events that were to come, they must have thought that the passion and death of  Jesus was the end of the world. They may have reacted differently, but all likely experienced a sense of helplessness at the chaos that was unleashed in the garden on that Passover night. Similarly, we are living now in a time of chaos. Despite the warnings, structure from which we have found support - institutions, religions, processes, the earth itself - are experiencing destruction and breakdown. And we, like the apostles, may be experiencing a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

The celebration of the Triduum frames past events within the hopeful context of faith in the future. We will gather in community as we face the chaos of our current reality, finding strength, comfort and hope with those among us and in the Presence of our loving God.