November 17: Assuring all may "begin again" at Mercy

Dear Friends, 

You may have heard these words before, yet I share them today because they speak to our times. Saint Benedict of Nursia wrote, “always we begin again,” and Pope Francis wrote, “we need a revolution of tenderness.” These words, separated by centuries, enliven us as we continue in our journey to a new way of being. 

We know that this journey began for so many of you at Mercy by the Sea. Do you remember your time here? The drive in? The welcome you received? Your first meal? Your time being in creation, seeing the water, walking the land? Hearing the word, a melody, a gentle voice? Being still, silent? How you felt when you left Mercy and how this impacted you as you went out into the world? 

As you hold these memories in gratitude, think about what could happen if others found their own beginning at Mercy. In this spirit of thankfulness, I ask you to consider making a donation today that helps us to continue to offer Mercy as a place of peace and refuge for all. 

Mercy by the Sea welcomes all who desire a “revolution of tenderness,” and who long to “begin again” so that collectively, we can build a just and compassionate world. Your donation helps make this journey of transformation possible. 

We hold you in our prayers and thank you for all the ways, known and unknown, that you support our ministry. 

With a grateful heart, 
Cathy Collins, PhD 
Executive Director