October 22: The Wonder of Creation

I have delighted this week in the majesty of the full moon as it danced with the clouds. In a week filled with meetings, it demanded I pause for a few moments to take in God’s creation with awe and reverence, and rest in its beauty. I hope you also found those moments of delight amongst all the other activities and news of this week. I share Psalm 8 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness that I found meaning in as I contemplated my enchantment with the full moon.

Psalm 8

O Love, my Beloved,
How powerful is your Name
in all the earth!
You, whose glory is sung in heaven
by the angels and saints,
Who with the innocence and 
spontaneity of a child,
Confound those who are mighty
and proud,
You comfort the unloving and fearful.

When I look up at the heavens,
at the work of Love’s creation,    
at the infinite variety of your Plan,
What is woman that You rejoice in her,
And man that You do delight in him?

You have made us in your image,
You fill us with your Love:
You have made us co-creators of 
the earth!
guardians of the planet!
to care for all your creatures,
to tend the land, the sea,
and the air we breathe;
all that You have made,
You have place in our hands.

O Love, my Beloved
How powerful is your Name
in all the earth!