Contemplative Practices

We understand that a new way of being is rooted in a new way of perceiving reality, beginning with ourselves. Contemplative prayer and practices inspire and enable us to take, as Fr. William McNamara and Walter J. Burghardt, SJ, described, a “long, loving look at the real,” unlimited by personal or cultural bias, past experiences or current fears. Seeing through and beyond our prejudices can open us to new visions, surprising options and emerging truths. Contemplative dialogue with others nurtures transformational understanding and compassion.

Characteristics of our programming in contemplative practices includes

  • Attentive silence and stillness, guided by contemplative prayers and disciplines from many faith and spiritual traditions
  • Mindful movement and hands-on engagement with art, music, poetry and chant
  • Deep, intentional listening to the spirit in sacred relationship with all of creation
  • Hospitable dialogue and group conversation that welcome and honor diversity.

Our programs comprise a diversity of contemplative practices that engage body, mind and spirit including:

You can find a list of contemplative practice programs and registration for them here .