Centering Prayer

I still my soul and make it quiet
Like a child upon its mother’s breast.
My soul is quieted within me.
Psalm 131:2

Centering Prayer has its roots in a rich contemplative tradition.  It is a method of entering Silence in order to “be still and know” God.

Mercy by the Sea sponsors two ongoing Centering Prayer groups, facilitated by Anne Simpkinson and Claire Rusowicz. A weekly prayer group is held every Wednesday evening from 6-7 p.m. in the chapel. A second Centering Prayer session is held monthly on the first Saturday of the month (except on  holiday weekends such as Independence Day weekend in which case the group meets the second Saturday of the month) from 9:30-11 a.m.

There is no charge for the sessions, however, free-will donations are always appreciated.

Cancellations or changes to the schedule are posted on the website and an email will be sent out to those on the Centering Prayer email list.

No prior experience with Centering Prayer is required. However, an introduction to the practice for those who have never had instruction or experience with this prayer method can be arranged. The facilitators request that those interested in this type of conversation should come one-half hour prior to the Centering Prayer session.  Please contact Claire at or Anne at  You can also watch an interview about Centering Prayer with Anne Simpkinson.

Anne Simpkinson has been practicing Centering Prayer (CP) since 1996.  She facilitated CP groups at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church and St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Manhattan for several years, is a commissioned Introductory CP presenter, and served as co-coordinator of Contemplative Outreach of New York City. She and Claire have been co-facilitating Centering Prayer Circles and programs since 2015.

Claire Rusowicz is a certified spiritual and retreat director, and spiritual director supervisor. She co-facilitates the Centering Prayer groups and programs with Anne.

Check the list of Contemplative Practices to see if a day-long or weekend Centering Prayer program is offered.