The Sacred in the Everyday

“The glory of God is the human person fully alive.”
St. Irenaeus

Our programs offer experiences that support human growth, wholeness, integration and self-compassion, which enable us to engage our world with compassion.

We do not intend to fix feelings or situations; we do not sponsor “how-to” classes.  Rather our emphasis is on healing, which emerges from our beliefs that:

  • What is seeking you will heal you
  • One should never take away the joy of self-discovery from another
  • Gathering together shifts what you are experiencing from “me to we” and to the recognition that you are not alone
  • Listening to one’s self is critical.

Therefore, our programs not only introduce practices and tools that may help, but also provide time for self and time in the company of others. A full list of upcoming programs, can be found on the Sacred in the Everyday program page.