Yield, A Poem by Patrice Ficken


Photo by Henri Bonell

This nameless yearning 
desires nothing less
than cracking open
the Universe 

Full moon rising
egg yolk veiled by clouds
A bride kept at arm’s length by Earth
in orbit’s dance

Faithful in its gaze
moon bathes Earth in golden light 
Offering the possibility
to be soft and round
a gentle opening from within
Not a violent cracking
yet urgent in its invitation 

Saying Now
Now is the time of revelation
Love without borders
Light within everything
brilliant and free

Every quivering blade of grass
every tree
every you
every me
everything we can
and cannot see


Patrice Borst Ficken, M.Div., is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and a certified Presenter and Practitioner in Healing from the Core. She is the founder of Soul Care Connections www.soulcareconnections.com and currently works in private practice as a Spiritual Director, integrating Healing from the Core in her companioning work. On November 2, 2019, she will lead the new Mercy by the Sea day program, "Full Body Presence Overview" . Patrice also leads creative writing workshops at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts. She has shared her poetry at the New England School for Celtic Consciousness with John Philip Newell in which she has been a participant since the School’s 2016 launch at Mercy by the Sea and is a newly named Scholar.