Sabbatical Time

“Sabbath is a gift of a new perspective, seeing God’s creation afresh. … Sabbath is a discipline that yields much fruit but it also requires that one put less value on busyness and more value on being.”

Kathleen Casey, author

Mercy by the Sea offers a unique opportunity to remember who we are and whose we are. Our sabbatical program is designed to respond to each person’s need and yearning for solitude; relationship with the natural world; peace; and enrichment through rest, renewal and reflection.

Our six-week sabbatical program, with Judy Fortune, RSM, is set in a sacred space on the shores of Long Island Sound and held in an atmosphere of hospitality to those desiring time alone and with others. The program is self-directed, with guidance from a staff mentor. There are also opportunities to participate in programs offered at the Center.

Information on cost and registration process for the 2019 Sabbatical can be found on the Crossroads into Sabbatical Time: Fall 2019 page.