Mindfulness in Nature

Climate Awareness as a Spiritual Path

With Regan Stacey

March 17 - 20, 2024

Single $525 | Double $450
(includes an ensuite bathroom and all meals from Sunday dinner through Wednesday breakfast)

The Mercy For All Scholarship provides support for those experiencing financial challenges.
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About this Offering

“The times are urgent; let us slow down. Slowing down is losing our way—not a human capacity or human capability. It is the invitations that are now in the world-at-large, inviting us to listen deeply, to be keen, to be fresh, to be quick with our heels, to follow the sights and sounds and smells of the world.”

- Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

There are few safe places where we can gather in conversation around the declining state of Earth and what this means for us as a species and life as we know it. During our time together, we will hold space for ourselves, each other, and Earth during these uncertain times. This retreat is an invitation to gather, question, and celebrate both the entanglement and enchantment of living on Earth— to know at the root of it is our love.

We will explore fear and hope, and awe and wonder, as doorways to building compassionate resilience. Practices that expand our sense of being will be offered as well as embodiment through mindful movement. Creative offerings will allow us to express ourselves, encompassing the whole of what it means to be alive and feel alive in the midst of it all.

This retreat is for those who are ready to:

• Deepen their connection to Earth 
• Learn more about global warming and climate-based emotions
• Process emotions in an Earth-conscious and Earth-cherishing container
• Explore hope, despair, compassion fatigue, empathic distress, grief, love, anger, anxiety, and joy — the whole range of what is alive
• Consider concepts of impermanence, deep time, and equanimity
• Participate in group discussions and experiential practices
• Learn skills to resource when faced with difficult emotions
• Celebrate past, present, and future life Weather permitting, we will spend time outdoors, connecting with Earth and being.

About the Presenter

Regan Stacey is a returning Mercy by the Sea presenter. She is an artist and advocate for Earth whose passion is to reconnect humans to nature for personal and planetary well-being. She believes we can all awaken the forest within. She is co-founder of The Forest Therapy School, a forest therapy guide training program, and offers forest bathing and meditative walks in nature as well as mindfulness training. Regan holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies. She is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher through Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and is trained to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction through Brown University, a forest therapy guide, and a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. In addition, she received training in Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy through the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies.