Supervision & Continuing Education

The ethical practice of spiritual direction ministry requires spiritual directors to participate fully in three specific, ongoing practices. They are required to:

  • Receive spiritual direction on a regular basis,
  • Receive supervision of their practice, either in a peer group or individually with a supervisor, and
  • Deepen their prayer life and spiritual formation.

Supervision for Spiritual Directors

Ongoing Peer Supervision Groups

Small groups of spiritual directors meet monthly from September to May to present and supervise areas of their practice that need further exploration. These gatherings are both confidential and prayerful and serve to deepen and grow the director’s own spiritual formation, self-awareness and spiritual direction practice.

By exploring their interior movements and uncovering unresolved issues, spiritual directors create the inner space to be deeply present with directees, linger with their directees’ experiences, and stay present with vulnerable issues.

Individual Supervision

Spiritual directors who are unable to meet the schedule of the ongoing peer supervision groups may choose to receive supervision from an experienced spiritual director, who has also been trained in the supervision of spiritual directors.

Meetings typically occur on a monthly basis for one hour.

For more information, please contact Joan Linley, Program Director at or 203.772.3646, ext. 120.

Ongoing Education for Spiritual Directors

Each year, Mercy by the Sea offers day, weekend and five-day intensive programs focused on specific topics, which help to deepen the formation of spiritual directors and their ministry.

Topics have included:

  • Integrity, Responsibility and Faithfulness: Fostering Right Relationships in Spiritual Direction
  • To Tell the Sacred Tale: Spiritual Direction and Narrative
  • The World Transfigured: A Workshop for Spiritual Directors Exploring the Path to God Through the Senses
  • Spiritual Direction in an Evolving Universe
  • The Search for the Beloved: Love, Mysticism and Spiritual Direction
  • Being Companions to Survivors of Childhood Trauma
  • Dreams and Spiritual Direction
  • Ministering to the Bereaved from the Inside Out

For more information, please contact Joan Linley, Program Director at or 203.772.3646, ext. 120.