A Time of Remembering ...

By Lisa Irish

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In the midst of busy lives, our hearts beat with their own rhythm. We might hear reminders of loss and love. A loved one’s birthday is on the calendar, but he or she is not here to celebrate. We remember. The changing season invites us to gather bright orange pumpkins or sip some apple cider, and yet, once again, his or her absence has become a part of our tradition. We remember. We watch a morning sunrise and in the quiet of a new day, we remember.

Our heart holds the gift of remembering and, if we pay attention to its stirrings, will lead us to sacred places of healing and hope. The church’s traditions of All Saint’s Day (November 1) and All Soul’s Day (November 2) are also invitations to pause, to remember and to revive the love that we share with those who are gone.

There is healing in remembering those who have died. The sound of their laughter, the touch of their hand, the stories of their courage or kindness - seep into our awareness and rekindle love’s presence in our lives. Yes, sadness is often attached to our memories and we might want to run away from the pain. But know this:  our hearts holds both the sadness of this loss and the gift of this relationship. We cannot fine tune these subtle connections of the heart, but we can open ourselves to all of it. With love’s assistance, our hearts have the capacity to lead us through the sacred task of remembering. We are freed to celebrate the gifts, the lives and the love of those who are no longer here. Love reaches through time and teaches us to re-weave enduring, life-giving connections. Gratefully, we remember.

by Lisa Irish, is an author, spiritual director and, retreat facilitator. She will be facilitating a one-day retreat, “Comfort for the Grieving Heart at the Holidays,” on Saturday, November 17, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can register by calling Rosemary Jones at 203.245.0401, ext. 114 or registering online.