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Your donation enables space to all who seek a new way of being including those experiencing homelessness, poverty, profound transitions, grief, health care providers, religious, clergy, teachers, and many more.

Words from our participants:

Mercy by the Sea offers sacred ground for all who walk there, all who sit on the rocks or driftwood, all who are seeking. I value the combination of its rootedness in the mystery we call God, and at the same time, the spaciousness for my personal explorations into that mystery. I came decades ago, seeking healing, and found safety, wisdom, and beauty - all working together to offer me healing and hope.
I am a consistent participant in the creative programming and retreat experiences because here I can open my heart to the Divine in its many voices, its many ways of loving me. We all have a story, we all have wonderings about our lives...Mercy by the Sea nourishes a new way of being, for me: loved, citizen of Earth, child of God, and valuable participant in the unfolding of our future together.
Mercy By The Sea has enriched our lives, heightening our awareness along our respective spiritual paths, exposing us to new frontiers of growth, opening us to the beauty of nature, and the cosmos, exhorting us to take action, and nurturing in us a feeling of deep peace, as we live into a New Way of Being.
Since my weeklong silent retreat at Mercy by the Sea, my life has changed for the better. Prior to my visit, I had not heard of Centering Prayer, nor had I experienced its powerful effects. Each time I sit in silence, I am transported back to the sacred peace I found at Mercy by the Sea.
Mercy feels like sacred space – a place to listen to whatever God wants for me. 
Thank you note for the financial assistance you helped me with. Without this aid, I would have been unable to attend the program “Living Resistance” with Kaitlyn Curtice in April. It was an excellent program and I enjoyed being able to spend time in the beautiful surroundings. Please extend my gratitude to others who help with the Mercy for All Fund.
Mercy by the Sea will continue to guide me through the perception of the beauty within my life, even as I recognize there are many questions that I will continue to carry while embracing an unimaginable mystery throughout it all.”
The sense of peace, calm and hospitality is what I will bring into my daily life from my time spent at Mercy.  I am grateful for the experience.  It was one that I gave myself as a birthday gift – the best gift received!
As a sacred place, Mercy-by-the-Sea “invites”.  It invites each person to discover something unique.  A sign from nature; perhaps from God, as they interpret; unquestionably from within.  It may be the sea, the sand, the silence, or the small whisper that only they can hear.