More than 20,000 years ago, the grounds of Mercy by the Sea—indeed all of Connecticut and Long Island Sound—were covered in ice more than a mile deep! The movement and melting that glacial ice formed the Sound and deposited the large boulders that dot both the beach and landscape. Thousands of years of wave action deposited the sand along the shoreline, creating the Sound’s beaches, of which Mercy by the Sea’s is but one.

The beach is not only a relaxing refuge to read, gaze out at the water or track the flight of birds but also a lovely area to stroll or collect shells.

Please note that Mercy by the Sea's beach is private and reserved exclusively for the use of registered Mercy by the Sea guests. Friends of the Center are welcome to use the beach for quiet reflection after signing in at the front desk and obtaining a dated day pass. Please retain this pass for the day as you may be asked to produce it.

Mercy by the Sea values stillness, silence and solitude, and we ask that all guests respect this quiet and reflective atmosphere. We do not allow smoking, alcoholic beverages, loud music, fires or grilling on the beach. Lunch in our dining room is not available to walk-in guests without advance notice.

Please note there are no lifeguards so swimming is at your own risk. Children under 18 are not allowed to use the beach or to swim. The grounds close at 4:30 p.m.

We ask that you wear appropriate beach attire and refrain from entering the house in beachwear. When in need of a restroom, please use those in the front of the house, near the reception area. Please refrain from using the restroom as a changing area.

When you sign in at the front desk, you will notice a donation box. We are grateful for your donation which goes to the upkeep of the grounds and property.

We hope you enjoy your quiet time with us.