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JUNE 5 - JULY 13 "Enlightened Botanicals / Beautiful Intentions" by photographer Ellen Hoverkamp coming to the Mary C. Daly RSM Art Gallery Learn More
JULY 11 - 13 Sacred Imagination: The Third Teaching from the School of Earth & Soul's Offerings on Celtic Wisdom with J.P. Newell and Cami Twilling Learn More
AUGUST 11 - 13 Angels in the Earth with George Herrick Learn More
SEPTEMBER 8 - 10 Falling Down and Getting Up: The Practices That Keep Us Human with Mark Nepo Learn More
SEPTEMBER 23 Stone Warrior: Confronting Life's Dark Challenges with Stone Art and Meditation with George Herrick Learn More
SEPTEMBER 28 Spiritual Resilience in a Time of Climate Crisis with Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas Learn More

Welcome To Mercy By The Sea

Mercy by the Sea believes in the sacred nature of the individual and all of creation. Our programs, retreats and events encourage individuals to listen into and trust the still inner voice. From that place deep longings, creative imagination and fledgling efforts in service of a greater good can emerge, be nurtured and spread in the world.

Come discover a new way of being.

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Mercy by the Sea's beautiful grounds; peaceful ambience; tasty, healthy meals; and variety of meeting rooms - accommodating groups as small as 10 individuals or as large as 100 or more - make the Center the perfect setting for your church, non-profit or organization's meeting.

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We are all meant to be mothers of God ... for God is always needing to be born.

Meister Eckhart theologian, philosopher and mystic

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You can support Mercy by the Sea in many different ways. Contributions of time, talent and financial donations are always welcome. Learn how you can help grow our programs and retreats, maintain our beautiful grounds and protect this sacred space.

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