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Climate: Peril or Promise, the Choice is Ours

Extraordinary events call for “unprecedented actions.” The 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounds the alarm for the transformation and mobilization needed at nothing less than breathtaking speed. The document is considered to be hopeful in that it shows what we must do to avoid the worst ravages of climate change. However, this scientific guide for governments to deal with climate change calls for "deep emissions reductions" and "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.”

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By Mary Pendergast, RSM  | 

The RiverFlow Story and Love Songs to God

Several years ago when my partner Stanley was still alive, the story of RiverFlow began. Stan was then in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease. Once a creative dynamo, he became a prisoner of his own body. I firmly believe that because of that wrenching and debilitating difficulty, a life-enhancing response came to us out of the blue.

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By Gunilla Norris  | 

To Live A Poem

I found myself again at the edge of the ocean pouring out my aggravations and complaints to the water. Suddenly I realized I was living a poem Mary Oliver had already written! And I smiled.

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By Annette Chittenden  | 

Soil and Spirit: Seed Catalogues and a Sower's Dreams

Seed catalogues begin to arrive this month. Perusing the pages on a winter day brings comfort. This human need to be connected to creation will not go unmet even when the land seems to slumber, preferring a hard frozen blanket of earth to the soft caress of the gardener’s hands.

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By Jean Golicz, Master Gardener and Mercy by the Sea Volunteer   |