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Pentecost Blessings

Siberian irises with "tongues of fire" extending from purple-blue blooms are ready to descend upon all who pause to behold their beauty.

Dear Friends,

"May the enthusiasm of Spirit leap incessantly within you and help you to live a vibrant life."

These words begin the "Blessing for Pentecost" from Joyce Rupp’s Out of the Ordinary. We will celebrate this great feast of Pentecost on Sunday, when the rushing wind of God’s Spirit renews the face of earth, and the divine fire ignites the hearts of those who catch the message. 

Pentecost challenges us to keep ourselves open for the Spirit who is always seeking us. That Spirit drenches the community with fire and breath and desires to dwell within and among us. Amid the brokenness and pain and the beauty and grace in our world, the Spirit desires only to knit us together more deeply and to send us forth to live a vibrant life. It is a day, perhaps, to consider our reception of that Spirit. 

Blessings upon you in these days of celebration. May we be ablaze. May we leap incessantly with the enthusiasm of the Spirit. 

In Mercy,


Anne Curtis, RSM
Executive Director

Posted 5/25/2023