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All God's Creatures

We are blessed here at Mercy by the Sea with furry, feathered neighbors, like Ralphie, the groundhog; a shy fox; chipmunks; an occasional skunk; and a bevy of sparrows, nuthatches, sea gulls, ospreys, crows, and Harriet, our resident hawk. This year, there’s a special event happening just outside our office windows.

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by Betty Orosz, Guest Services  | 

Solidarity with Immigrants

A critical concern of the Sisters of Mercy is “to stand in solidarity with immigrants and to address policies that push people to flee their countries.” This commitment is what motivated me to invite Mary Lesser to share her “Immigrant Journals” exhibit in our art gallery. I thought the exhibit would also be thought-provoking in light of the anti-immigrant, anti-refugee rhetoric and policies that are being activated in our country. 

As a daughter of Irish immigrants, I can see myself in some of Mary’s haunting photos.

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by By Ann McGovern, RSM  |