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Gratitude Abounds

Dear Friends,

As we anticipate Thanksgiving, there is an abundance of gratitude at Mercy by the Sea. We have seen the goodness, grace and generosity of so many. It is true that much is received by an individual when in this sacred space or participating in a program or retreat. But we have also seen so much life and energy from you, that motivates our desire to grow, including greater ecological care, inclusivity, social justice, and more into the future. Because of that, together we are invited to a way of being that becomes goodness and light for our world, which is no small task given the suffering that permeates life across our world. 

We are immensely grateful to you who have made contributions for the renovation of the Catherine McAuley dining room appeal. We are making our way toward the goal! We are thankful for the tending and care of the land, which looks beautiful, by the volunteer gardeners. The “Tower” or Henri Nouwen room is almost finished with its new windows, paint, carpet and furniture thanks to a generous donor, the Sisters of Mercy and volunteer design work by friends of Mercy by the Sea. The Mitchell conference room is in the process of being refreshed and will have new windows because of the support of the Sisters of Mercy. Hosting requests keep staff breathless with the many groups who want to meet here. Retreats and programs are flourishing with waiting lists for most of our offerings!  

During this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for so much support and want you to know you are held in our prayer. May you and yours be lavishly blessed.  

In Mercy,


Sr. Anne Curtis, RSM
Executive Director

Posted 11/9/2023

Labyrinth Closed

The Shrubbery has been removed from the Labyrinth and moved to the wooded area near the garage for chipping and compostingFor the next several weeks, we will remove and relocate the excess granite chips to level the Labyrinth for brick placement.  If you are interested in helping with these efforts, please contact 


We wanted to share some very welcome news for those of our guests who love and miss our walkable Labyrinth. Over the next several months our Labyrinth will be closed as it is restored. We thank you for your patience and care over these many months as we discerned the best approach for restoring the Labyrinth to a usable, sustainable, and safe space.  

We will be removing the shrubbery and composting it on site. We will then be replacing the path boundaries that the shrubbery demarcated with brick (as is used now to demarcate the path, and the walkway will be Stony creek pink granite stones – as is now used).  

We hope to have it fully open by early spring. 

If you would like to be contacted once it is open, please contact us at 203.245.0401.  Thank you for your prayers and support and may God bless you. 

Posted 11/7/2023

Honoring the Ongoing Connection Between the Living and the Dead

Posted 10/26/2023

Letter from the Executive Director: Silently Out of the Night

I have heard any number of people expressing fear and anxiety over the past days. There are a litany of realities all over our world that shatter our hearts. How are we to live this time, what are we to do knowing that we are part of a whole web of life that connects us to all that is unfolding.

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Posted 10/12/2023