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A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Today we mark the summer solstice, a celebration of the nourishing light of the sun and the light within each of us, a time of renewal and abundance. The earth, resplendent in her beauty, invites us to connect with her vibrant energy, remembering that we stand within, not apart from nature. We are children of the sun, the daystar that makes all life possible, and we are reminded to live with understanding, reciprocity, and respect for all that is given to us. This is a time to enjoy and engage more deeply in our relationship with earth; and cultivate and strengthen our connection to the divine all around us.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with the sun and moon, and knew the sacredness of such times. The summer solstice is a time to pause and let oneself be “sun-soaked” in God’s love. 

"Holy is this fire of midsummer, and holy are you, O God.
From your burning heart you drew forth a fiery ball and flung it into space.
Your laughter shook the empty cosmos and echoed again and again
until the darkness of space resounded with your love and with fire.
You reached in again and drew forth fire and seeded it like yeast
in each atom, plant and animal, each bird, fish, man, and woman.
And you gave us a special star, our sun, aflame with a life-evoking energy
to make our planet green and fertile,
sun-soaked in your love."

— Taken from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Edward Hays

In Mercy,

Sr. Anne Curtis, RSM
Executive Director

Posted 6/20/2024

Coming to the Mary C. Daly, RSM Art Gallery: "The Art of Contemplation," from June 19 to August 19


The Art of Contemplation exhibition showcases the works of ten talented artists from Gallery One CT. Each piece in the collection embodies the unique life experiences and sources of inspiration that drive these artists towards profound creative contemplation. This diverse multimedia exhibition includes an array of paintings, photography, collages, and mixed media artworks.

Gallery One CT represents a diverse group of accomplished Connecticut-based artists. The group is committed to each individual artistic voice. The artists represent diverse backgrounds and traditions and work with a vast range of artistic styles and media including abstract and representational works.

Exhibiting artists include: Rosemary Cotnoir, Michael Fanelli, Victor Filepp, Karen Israel, Ann Knickerbocker, Brian McClear, T. Willie Raney, Diana Rogers, Rick Silberberg and Jill Vaughn.

An artist Meet and Greet will take place on Sunday, June 30 at 2:00 p.m.

Posted 6/6/2024

A Letter from the Executive Director


Dear Friends,

Pentecost celebrates again the ancient vision of God's fire bringing new life, renewal, and profound connection. When the disciples began to preach, people were confused and amazed because they each heard the words in their own language. The multiple languages represent everything that divides us, everything that blocks communion. People who were accustomed to boundaries, one group divided from another, found themselves swept up in the same movement. The old separations had fallen away, and their hearts were set on fire.

We are living in a chaotic and divisive time. However, Pentecost has the power to break down the boundaries of our settled and certain attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. This feast of profound connection is not just a past event, but a call to renewed awareness of and commitment to our connection and interdependence with all of creation. Pentecost proclaims that diversity enriches and leads us to grow more deeply in community with all God’s beloved. 

May we have the courage to allow the Spirit, who has given a variety of gifts, to make us one and truly holy. 

In Mercy,

Sr. Anne Curtis, RSM
Executive Director

Posted 5/23/2024

"A Search for Something that was Never Lost" by Akosua Aidoo

In the Mary C. Daly, RSM Art Gallery: "A Search for Something that was Never Lost" by Akosua Aidoo

"A Search for Something that was Never Lost" will be on display in the Mary C. Daly, RSM Art Gallery from May 6 through June 18. Visit the Mercy by the Sea website for more details as you plan your visit. Additionally, you are invited to attend a Meet and Greet with the artist, Akosua Aidoo, on May 26 at 2:00 p.m.

Posted 5/16/2024