Dawnings: Holy Ground – This place called Mercy

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“Now this is Holy Ground,
Now this is dwelling space.
Come Spirit, bearing life, show us your face”

—Sister Elaine Deasy, RSM

Mercy Center at Madison

The smell of the sea,
The hum of the bee
The sound of the gull
The waves’ rhythmic lull
They call me to Thee
In this place called Mercy.
Hospitality’s there
Welcomes with care
Given space to renew
My journey with you
In this place by the sea
This place called Mercy.
There I am fed
There I am led
Watered with hope
I am able to cope
I am grateful to be in
This place called Mercy.
Surrounded with beauty
I sense You with me
The labyrinth there
Tended with care
Reveals You to me in
This place called Mercy.
Invitations are heard
In the song of the bird
Challenges abound
On this Holy Ground,
This garden by the sea
This place called Mercy.

—Roberta J. Cote

Mercy Center

Your grounds invite soft reflection.
I listen to the landscape of God’s creation.
Love feeds.
Between head and heart there is always a gap seeking nurturance.
Fear and love intermingle
Heart burning
Sparks sheltered
Simmering silence
Strength in shared vision of trusting in a common Light.

  —Sister Ann McGovern, RSM

Where is your holy ground in this place called Mercy? Email your response to Sister Genie Guterch.