Update on Our Labyrinth Restoration Project

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The Labyrinth Restoration Project

We wanted to send an update on the Labyrinth Restoration Project (scroll down for pictures). We are so grateful to all those who have given of their time and talents to make the Labyrinth ready for path marking.

Over these months we have shared conversations around materials, shrubbery removal and composting, path marking and Labyrinth programming. All have been filled with care, consideration and good cheer. All have brought us to a place of assuring that our Labyrinth is sustainable and resilient for the next 25 years.

We are ever grateful to our volunteers who painstakingly marked the new path for our brick laying work. Once marked, we were able to walk the Labyrinth for the first time in way that gave us a feel for the completed work.

We now will be working to lay the brick and once laid, we will be spreading a new layer of Stony Creek Pink Granite, the original path material, for our guests to walk on.

The photos below tell the story of the restoration. We have felt your prayers and presence as we have done this work. Thank you for your support throughout this process. We look forward to the day we can invite you to be in the Labyrinth once again.

An estimated 10 tons of excess 3/4 to 1 inch granite chips were removed and reused for drainage management in the wooded area adjacent to the garage.

Hearty volunteers removing granite and leveling Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is now level.

Volunteers painstakingly laid out stakes and marker twine to provide clarity for brick laying where shrubbery once was.

The Labyrinth before the shrubbery was removed.

The Labyrinth after the shrubbery was removed.

The Labyrinth as the gravel is being removed and relocated.

The final plan to restore the original layout of the Labyrinth.