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E pluribus unum...Out of Many...One... A new way of seeing monocots… plants that grow from a single bulb

I returned to Mercy by the Sea yesterday for the first time in two months. It was wonderful to work in the pollinator garden. I missed the daffodils blooming this spring, but I could see the pink petals of dianthus peeking through beneath the foliage. I was also thrilled to see that some milkweed was emerging next to the Rudbeckia. I added Shasta daisies and perennial sunflowers. Aside from the daffodils, most of these plants are dicots. Plants that flower can be classified as either monocots or dicots. The main distinction is the number of cotyledons present in the plant embryo. Cotyledons are the first part of the plant to emerge. Most bulbs are monocots.

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By By Jean Golicz, Master Gardener and Board of Trustee member  | 

Befriending Limitation

That limitation can become for us a sanctuary is a deep and paradoxical concept. Most of us want to feel free, to be about what we desire without hindrance. What then of the limitation we are experiencing now as we try to control the spread of a deadly virus?

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By Gunilla Norris  | 

Everything Is Connected

I have been doing a lot of gardening at Mercy by the Sea through these weeks.  The courtyard garden is a large area that has not had attention for a while and invasives had pretty much taken over. All kinds of vines and growth created massive intertwined and enmeshed webs in and through and around just about every tree and bush.

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By Anne C. Curtis, RSM Director of Mercy Ecology  | 

Coloring Your Hair and Mowing Your Lawn during a Pandemic

You may have heard of the “Gray Revolution”, older women embracing the aging process as opposed to fighting it with expensive hair dyes and wrinkle creams. You may have even noticed younger women who have intentionally gone gray with soft hues of silver, purple, and pink intertwined. This trend has been promoted “by style setters like British Vogue fashion features director Sarah Harris, who first began going gray in her teens, and Instagram accounts like @grombre, which reposts and celebrates women who show off their new silver growth (a.k.a. their gray ombré). What began as a resource to help women feel less embarrassed or ashamed about grays has now grown into a community of 74,000 where its followers share stories about why they decided to go gray.” (

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By Jean Golicz, Master Gardener and Board of Trustee member  |