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Blessings and Goodbye to Sister Mary Daly after 31 Years at Mercy by the Sea

Dear Friends,

These words from Adrienne Rich, "The moment of change is the only poem” strike me as apt for the unfolding of things as we will bid farewell to Sister Mary Daly. She is moving to St. Mary Home in West Hartford after 31 years at Mercy by the Sea. 

Sister Mary, spiritual guide, artist, mentor, presenter, wise woman to countless people, leaves an enduring legacy. One cannot walk the land or though the Center without noticing her presence. She is in the white rose that hangs in the chapel, in the Mary C. Daly Art Gallery and her paintings adorn the walls throughout the building.

However, I would venture that she is most especially present in the on-going seeking of the Divine in the hundreds who have been spiritually formed and accompanied by Mary through these 31 years. What gift and what grace Mercy by the Sea has been privileged with through Mary! We are so grateful for all she has been and wish her God’s abundant blessings as the poem of her life now continues to be written in a new place.  

In Mercy,


Sr. Anne Curtis, RSM
Executive Director

Read Sr. Mary Daly's farewell to the friends of Mercy by the Sea

Posted 9/14/2023

A Word of Farewell from Sister Mary Daly to the Friends of Mercy by the Sea


Ministering at Mercy by the Sea for the past 31 years has been a life enriching, life-giving experience.

Just consider the place of the ministry; the woods, the ever-changing sky, the grounds with its gardens and rocks, the sunrises and sunsets, the moon over the sea, to say nothing of the sea itself – in calm, in storm, at high tide and low - and when it is rolling over my outstretched arms. Could there be a more beautiful spot to serve?

Then there are the people enabling my ministry, those who over the years have supported and furthered the work of this ministry by planning, registering, cooking, cleaning, cutting trees and painting walls, answering phones, and scores of hidden services.

There are those with whom I lived and collaborated in the ministry, spiritual directors and program presenters. And there are the people to whom I ministered, God-seekers from all walks of life who are the reason for the place, the workers, the collaborators, and my presence here for 31 years.

What a great joy.

Posted 9/14/2023

"Metamorphosis: Liberation of Self Love and Self Discovery" by Artist, Akosua Aidoo

Artist, Akosua Aidoo, shares that "Through my art I want to show the people of the world that their emotions are valid and that there is beauty in their culture and who they are. With your support, I want to prove to the world that all you have is all you will ever need. You are enough! & Dreams do come true!"

Akosua's exhibit, "Metamorphosis: Liberation of Self Love and Self Discover will be available to experience in the Mary C. Daly RSM Art Gallery from August 26 to September 24.


Artist Reception

Meet Akosua on Sunday, September 3 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Mary C. Daly, RSM Art Gallery for an Artist Reception. Light refreshments will be served.

Posted 8/17/2023

Listen Closely to the Earth Speaking

An anonymous friend left a cartoon for me this week that shows a young girl on a beach holding a Conch shell. She is looking up at an adult saying, “If you hold it to your ear, you can hear the Earth crying out for mercy.” It is most apt as we look out at our beautiful shoreline now covered with debris and waste carried by the Connecticut River into the Sound after days of pounding rain. The beach is closed until it can be cleaned, and the water is healthy again. 

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Posted 7/20/2023