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What Does Your Soul Long for in the New Year?

The waning of the year and the darkness of winter may find you naturally turning inward and musing about the past, as well as yearning for a glimpse of your future.

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By Jan Blencowe, Mercy by the Sea Program Presenter  | 

A Time of Remembering ...

In the midst of busy lives, our hearts beat with their own rhythm. We might hear reminders of loss and love. A loved one’s birthday is on the calendar, but he or she is not here to celebrate. We remember. The changing season invites us to gather bright orange pumpkins or sip some apple cider, and yet, once again, his or her absence has become a part of our tradition. We remember. We watch a morning sunrise and in the quiet of a new day, we remember.

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By Lisa Irish  | 

Soil and Spirit: Hidden Colors

Fall foliage will be peaking during the next few weeks along the Connecticut shoreline. Mercy by the Sea Retreat and Conference Center will be ablaze in an array of fiery colors. It may seem that this explosion of color occurs only once a year, but did you realize that these colors are always present?

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By Jean Golicz, Master Gardener and Mercy by the Sea Volunteer   | 

Practicing Stillness in My Prayer Chair

I don’t recall when I first began sitting in my prayer chair early each morning. With the demands of four young children, most likely my practice was born out of necessity.  I needed quiet and peace before the many tasks of motherhood took precedence.

The chair is just an ordinary chair that over the years acquired meaning beyond just a piece of furniture. I don’t remember which child first named it the “prayer chair” or which one called the living room the “loving room” but somehow we all sensed the subtle field of grace that permeated the room.

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By Laurie Blefeld, author, spiritual director and retreat facilitator  |