Speaking of Loss and Grief

No one can truly understand what it feels like inside our broken hearts. Our unique experiences are shaped by personality, family background and the circumstances of our loss. At the same time, grief is a universal human experience. Just as we all know love, we all know the devastation of loss. This shared journey of recovery known as grief leads us through our loss. It is our ally, actually, as we weave our way toward healing.

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By Lisa Irish  | 

Standing Rocks

In the crisp morning chill of late autumn, I walked along the beach at Mercy by the Sea, feeling as grey as the sky. I was going through a very painful transition in life  ̶  one of those that, if seen through, makes you more aware of all that is good about you, and if not… well, not. It was early enough in the process that I could not see any outcome, good or bad. I felt lost.

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By George Herrick Lasua  |